Below are several frequently asked questions I get about how the System works.

1) Is this a program of tax saving deductions for home based businesses? No, it works for home based businesses, but it is not based on tax deductions. Several accountants have written great books on claiming every tax deduction under the sun. I’d recommend you read one or two of these books, but the System is a unique method for reducing hundreds to thousands of dollars in taxes annually, without paying more on deductible expenses.

2) Does the System work for self-employed individuals only or are there other taxpayers it will work for? Regardless of how you are setup – Self-employed individuals who file a Schedule C with their 1040, S-Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s and C-Corporations – you can benefit from this System, but you may need to make a few changes. Any changes you need are fully explained in my eBook.

3) Since the System is based on income, what if I show a loss this year and income next year, will it still work? Yes. Tax savings using this System are based on the income from your business. It won’t work in the years you show a loss (your not paying taxes anyway in those years), but it will work in the years you have income.

4) Will using your System cause an audit from the IRS? No, using the System as described in the book is fully legal. Over the years I’ve represented several taxpayers before the IRS and I am aware of how the IRS operates with regards to S-Corps and LLC’s. More importantly, I explain the System in a step-by-step guided format, so when following it, it will not cause a red flag that could lead to an audit.

5) Can your method ever be outlawed by the IRS? There is a chance that the IRS may change the tax laws, but we run the risk of this with any deduction they allow. The system I teach has been legal for years and it will probably stay legal for years to come, but stay informed. I will post updates on my site. to let you know if the IRS has changed the laws regarding this strategy.

6) I have a hard time with complicated business material. How difficult is your book it to understand? The System I teach is easy to understand and is presented in a format that anyone can learn and use. I do recommend you give a copy to your accountant so you are both on the same page with it. Some people just don’t have the time or the desire to read and learn any new accounting procedures. Most accountants can help you with it and some of you may already be using it. But after reading my eBook you’ll be able to utilize it to its fullest extent.

7) I have a home based business and it’s not a big business. How large does a business need to be to use your System? If you have ‘net profits’ from you business, that is all that is needed to implement this System and take advantage of the yearly savings. However, the more ‘net profits’ you have the more taxes you can save. A person who has $40,000 per year in ’net profit’ will save more than someone with $10,000 per year.  Net Profits’ are gross income less the qualified expenses to operate your business.

8)  Your System sounds too good to be true. Why haven’t I heard about it before? While many accountants and tax preparers use certain parts of the System, many don’t implement it the way I teach. Accountants by profession are compliance oriented - that is they do a good job of preparing your bookkeeping and taxes.  My System is a combination of tax compliance and financial planning. You file as required (compliance), but only after paying the least amount of tax possible (financial planning).

9) Is your System a tax shelter? No. It is a rarely used system that will cut hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in your taxes every year. YES thats every year. The savings depend on your net income. Like anything, it can be abused if not operated properly. I show how to use the System so it’s fully legal.

10) Is the cost of your e-book tax deductible and how long does the System take to learn? Yes, you can write off the cost of ‘‘CUT THOUSANDS Per YEAR in Taxes AND ITS LEGAL!’ . If you haven’t started your business, keep the receipt and deduct it when you begin. The answer to the second question is you can learn the system in an afternoon, but some may need more time. If you have any problems, just talk it over with your accountant.